Sunday, November 9, 2008

SEMA 2008: K.I.T.T.

There were a lot of movie and TV-themed vehicles at SEMA this year, but one of our favorite entertainment tie-ins had to be the Mio Knight Rider GPS system. We told you about this way back in June, played with it when the new K.I.T.T. visited the Autoblog Garage, and messed with it some more in Vegas. It sounds exactly like you'd hope it would. "Michael, you're going the wrong way, you ninny," isn't in the regular playlist, but it did have some attitude. Even better than laying hands on the Mio, however, was the fact that K.I.T.T. ( no, not the Mustang) was actually in the Mio booth selling the product. It was almost too much to handle. As we told you in June, the Mio Knight Rider GPS unit uses the voice the one-and-only William Daniels, the original voice of K.I.T.T., and asks cordially "Hello Michael, where do you want to go today?" when powered up. The 4.3-inch LCD display is also flanked by a series of red LEDs reminiscent of K.I.T.T.'s nose-mounted lights. It's available for sale now at about $270.

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